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Let Them Eat Cake – Everyday!

edBaker is a are leading cake suppliers on the Gold Coast with over 10 years of award-winning experience in the retail and manufacturing food manufacturing sectorindustry. As a 100% Australian owned and operated wholesale bakery, we love putting smiles on people’s faces when they take a bite of our sweet and savoury creations.

From cakes, slices, friands and cheesecakes to muffins, tarts, biscuits, pies and pastries – each one of our delicacies is skillfully and lovingly handcrafted from scratch by our talented chefs.

Our reputation for excellence has continued to grow beyond our bakery on the Gold Coast to make us one of the most sought-after cake suppliers in South East Queensland, as well as Northern New South Wales.

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Getting Back To Basics

We’ve built our successful company on three values that we stand by:

High Quality Ingredients

At edBaker, we believe great cooking starts with the basics. That means sourcing the highest quality ingredients to make all of our products, such as premium flours, fresh fruits and vegies, to creamery butter and pure Belgian couverture chocolate, to achieve a superior taste and texture. We also bake daily from our purpose-built bakery in Burleigh Heads to ensure freshness every time.

chocolate cake wholesale gold coast

Exceptional Flavour

Exceptional flavour comes from using exceptional ingredients. We want customers to taste the difference when they eat our treats! Our baked goods are jam-packed with flavour, from our rich ganaches, freshly whipped creams and fruity fillings to our homemade gravies and slow-cooked meats. Using scratch recipes and not pre-mixes is what differentiates us from all other bakeries. We strongly believe making products fresh per order will make even the fussiest eater satisfied

Outstanding Customer Service

Our dedication to providing customer service that goes above and beyond is second to none. We’ve grown valuable partnerships with all of our clients and strive to meet their business needs and deliver the best quality products with every order. We have tailored our products not just to meet our customer needs but also to ensure their success

Homegrown Recipes & An Experienced Team

edBaker consists of a talented team of experienced chefs, bakers and staff who make our bakery such a fun place to work. In our pursuit to bring quality baking back to basics, we develop all of our recipes from scratch. We’ve tasted and perfected each and every item in our store to ensure it hits our high standards and is guaranteed to make customers happy.

Our chefs demonstrate their creative skills with our range of large and individual cakes and delicacies to produce works of art that are as wonderful in presentation as they are in flavour.

Cakes Fit For Any Occasion

As expert cake suppliers on the Gold Coast, we can take care of all of your wholesale bakery needs. We’re proud to supply our products to a wide range of food service providers, including cafés, restaurants, pubs RSL’s, Surf Clubs and franchisees. Our beautiful range of cakes and baked goods are perfect for any occasion and we’re happy to take on custom cake orders, no matter how complex the design is!

Call us today to arrange your order or come in and see us. We look forward to welcoming you to edBaker.